Refurbishing and Modification ESL Loudspeakers.

We provide service to the following electrostatic loudspeaker brands:

Acoustat, Audiostatic, Beveridge. B&W, Final, Janszen, KLH, Martin Logan, Quad, Stax, Sony, Solosound and other brands on request.

Electrostatic loudspeakers are known for their open, transparent, and detailed sound reproduction

Listening to music through electrostatic loudspeakers is as if you 'see' the music, clear and without any coloring. This enables you to listen for long periods without getting tired. In addition, no other type of loudspeaker reproduces the human voice as naturally.
Electrostatic loudspeakers are known for their superior, natural, clear and open reproduction, which is absolutely unfeasible for conventional loudspeakers.
Some test reports on the best and, often, much more expensive conventional loudspeakers say:
“This speaker approaches the rendition quality of an electrostatic loudspeaker!”

Repair Service, Refurbishing and Modification ESL Loudspeakers

A preventive check of your electrostatic loudspeakers or even refurbishing them, are they worth it? Yes of course! With the technical knowledge and experience of 35 years our service team is able to repair nearly every brand of electrostatics such as; Acoustat, Audiostatic, Final, Martin Logan, Quad, Solosound, Magnepan magnetostatics and others.

“We still regularly receive old customers with models from the very beginning that require small repairs or modifications,” says Mark Huinder, Solosound’s Electrostatic speakers managing director. “Usually, our customers can return home after just a brief visit to our factory.”

Do you have any questions about repairing your electrostatics? Feel free to contact us;

Clients telling about their beloved sets!

I want to thank you for the good service! I judge – just like you – my DCI Audiostatic loudspeakers also on a 9.5! It is about to set the sub woofer but the result is already excellent! It 's obvious I won't buy new loudspeakers for that money! Joris, Arnhem
Hereby my "super-contentement" for refurbishing my QUAD electrostatics! The sound is back pure, tactile and so comprehensive ... The new look is sleek and clean and now fits much better than those brown ones .... Thank you very much for your good care. I appreciate it a lot Regards, Francis, Belgium
Electrostatic loudspeaker lovers, you can stop searching for a good repair address. At Solosound they provide you great help to professionally repair your loudspeakers. The price is good, the service is great with 2 years warranty!!. Our Audiostatic set sounds better than ever before. Team of Solosound: thank you!!! Walter and Floortje, Arnhem
My set Final 400I is now playing very beautiful indeed and it might play better than before the foil revision. Johann, Veghel

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