Revisions and modifications

Revisions and modifications of all brands electrostatics are being executed by Solosound only the best materials, parts and components.


Solosound is a Dutch product line of superior quality electrostatic loudspeakers. If used properly, all Solosound products have a full two year guarantee and a five year guarantee for the high voltage units and the audio transformers. The model 120 and model 200 have a full ten year guarantee ! Solosound takes care to ensure delivery of error free products. However, should a problem occur, service and repair is provided by authorized technicians trained by Solosound itself.

Ook met de ‘oude’ modellen van Solosound kunt u voor reparatie en modificatie uiteraard bij Solosound terecht. Revisies, reparaties en modificaties worden uitsluitend met originele, nieuw gemaakte Solosound- onderdelen uitgevoerd.

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